Looking for a tech cofounder to build an app for NFT users

No, it's not an NFT pixel art or a marketplace.

I am a community manager of a network of thousands of NFT artists who can potentially be the initial users. I am looking for a partner to work on a tool to help NFT artists and brands promote their work. This is not a blockchain project but some experience with Solidity is highly appreciated.

I have the idea, the mockups, the customers, and a plan, just need someone who knows magic and makes it happen. Drop a comment below or hit me up if you're interested.

P.S. I am based in the U.S. and would prefer someone in the states as well.

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    Do you have more info about the project? Would be interesting to know the scope of it at least. You mention your community could potentially be the initial users. How has the idea been validated?

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    A community can be built with tribe.so within 30 minutes you can build up from there

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    I am interested how the project will pan out. I however don't know Solidity.

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      hi, please check your email

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        Hi Andy - I've already answered it on Friday, maybe it went to your spam folder?

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          Sent you the original email from another email address too - lmk if you haven't received it

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    Hey AndyPh, I'm building software for startups since 2006. My tech stack is Angular/Node.JS/MongoDB. A general marketplace as solution is already available in my portfolio. Let's discuss your idea of NFT using and I think we can build a MVP in 4-6 weeks. Can you share more details?

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    Hi AndyPh,

    Sounds like a very interesting idea! I'm actually an NFT enthusiast with some technical skills, mostly in data analytics (mySQL + some PostgreSQL), but I'm also learning Solidity. Would love to talk some more about your idea. What's the best way to get in touch with you?

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    I am a backend developer and have some experience developing solidity dapps as well. I have been looking for a project in the NFT space for a while. Would be interested to learn more about your idea.

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      glad to hear that, how can I reach you

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        I previously built #1 crypto NFT product of the day on Product Hunt that runs on ETH ERC 721 tokens. You can re-use this project with a diff theme may be?

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          very interesting project, I would like to hear more about this. Please shoot me an email at [email protected]

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