Looking to Partner Up April 20, 2019

Looking for a technical partner/co-founder

George @geg1700

Hi all,

I'm looking for a technical partner/co-founder to help run my Instagram automation platform. The platform is targeted to the fitness niche which i'm very experienced with and have been very successful at getting registrations from fitness influncers to my site.

The platform launched in January 2019 and In the first 2 months, I generated £2,000 in revenue before switching to a new platform that would allow me to significantly reduce costs (the margins on the old one weren't good enough for it to be viable)

Unfortunately, since migrating to the new platform, monthly revenue has dropped from £1000 to £400.

I sent our surveys to diagnose the problem and identified that users didn't understand how to use the new platform and some found the pricing too expensive (despite being considerably cheaper than the old platform).

As a result of this, I implemented detailed instructional videos and product tours on the site as well as significantly reducing the pricing. Unfortunately, this hasn't made an impact on sales as yet. It's frustrating as I know the demand is there due to the success of the old platform, it just wasn't economically viable for me to keep using it.

I'm still generating a significant amount of interest in the product with 20+ registrations daily. However, I need a technical partner confident using php and boostrap who can hopefully help me to revamp the platform to improve the UX and make it much more user-friendly.

Happy to discuss this at length over email!
[email protected]


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    For what it's worth... this is an education in how to seek a technical co-founder. You have revenue numbers, a proven model etc. Much better than the usual "I have an idea... looking for someone to build it"

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    Hey, did you find the help you needed?

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    Final bump before choosing a partner. If you're interested, get in touch with me ASAP.

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    Would it be worth trying to go the no-code approach and attempting to revamp the site on your own?

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      Whilst that is an option, I feel i've already tweaked things are far as I can take them without properly learning to code. I have several ideas on how to improve the UX, however I don't have the skills to implement them.

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      Your site looks great.

      What else are you looking to improve?

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