Looking to Partner Up March 12, 2019

Looking for a US-based partner for promising business

SumanJung @sumanjung

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I am looking for a partner who can register a business in their state and invest only a few thousand dollars (<5k) in exchange of 20% share. Here are the stats of business.

  1. Business URL: www.designpac.net
  2. It is registered in Nepal and has a well-furnished office with computers and other technical devices.
  3. It rents out web experts.
  4. It is in operation.
  5. We started in Feb and generated revenue of $450 in the first month.

Criteria of Partner

  1. Must be very hungry for success
  2. Must have an entrepreneurial mindset
  3. Must have marketing skills
  4. Must be able to write sales email & pitch
  5. Must give at least 4 hrs daily until we reach a certain milestone

Interested? let's discuss!

  1. 1
    1. I'm hungry because I live off passion
    2. Im looking to grow and build startUps or work with those that have startups
    3. Im a veteran Network Marketer who has success in marketing and building teams
      4.Sales pitch and emails are constantly being updated with all of the top content
    4. you asked for 4 hrs but Im hungry and will but in 6hrs.

    Im Interested. [email protected]

  2. 1

    Hey SumanJung,

    I'd love to chat further with you about the potential of a partnership together.

    Shoot me an email: [email protected]


    • Nick
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