Looking for active Indie Hacker Streamers!

Hey Everybody!

I am currently on the hunt for some Twitch/Youtube Streamers who are building their project in public.

It would be awesome if you could drop some twitter handles for me to check out!

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      I actually started following you today (or yesterday??) 🙌 I love how everyone has a different workflow

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        Haha yes that’s right the avatar felt familiar! Thanks for the support 🙌

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    You might find someone in Build in Public group. I was also thinking about streaming but haven't got much time right now.

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      Thanks for the idea with the group! I’ll check it out 🍀 and you definitely should consider streaming your process!!

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    Hey -- I stream building personal projects at twitch.tv/mostlycoding.
    Usually I go for 2-3 hours on Saturday/Sunday.

    Work has been crazy lately so I've been doing more stream listening/watching than streaming myself, but I'm hoping things will calm down in the next week or so and I'll pick up my schedule again.

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