Looking to Partner Up April 2, 2019

Looking For An Additional Technical Co-Founder For Airbnb SEO & Pricing Business (Post Revenue)

Kelvin @Kelvin403


Hey folks, I'm part of a two-person founding team over at Rankbreeze.com and we're looking for another technical member to join us!

Current Stats:
We can't be completely public with our numbers but we are post-revenue and in the 3 figure range for customers. My cofounder and I met on IndieHackers so there's certainly some love for this community because of that! We also have 3 other team members that currently contract with us and we expect to grow those numbers in the future.

Who & What We're Looking For:
We'd love to meet someone who's full-stack and know their way around Ruby, NodeJS, or Python. Ideally, you have that hacker mentality and are keen on shipping a well-designed, strong product.

Innovation is one of our biggest strengths so this means we like to ship quick & release experimental features.

Bonus points if you have an SEO, pricing or hotel metrics background.

Primary Audience:
Airbnb property managers and the vendors that help them.

What We Bring To The Table:
A strong back-end development and marketing focus. My partner is a back-end whiz and I'd like to think I have strong marketing chops. We already have existing relationships with influencers in the space but would like to bring on a stellar partner who can help build an exceptional product which we can go full-throttle with.

If all this sounds interesting to you, please send me an email (kelvin at rankbreeze(.)com) and let us know the following:

  1. Your technical background & any projects you've completed
  2. Why you're interested in joining us?
  3. Your current work schedule & setup (remote, in-office, manager, etc.)
  4. How much time can you dedicate to Rankbreeze?
  5. What you want in life & where you want to be in 5 years?

We definitely appreciate your time and hope you'll join us on this exciting journey!

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    Intrigued by your product, and I'll keep my ears open for people who may be interested in contributing. Very cool that you found your co-founder here.

    I'd like to optimize my personal AirBNB listing (1 vacation property in West Marin). Do you know of any free solutions for this? 😬👊

    1. 1

      @lforrest Thanks for keeping an eye out! Appreciate it.

      I think this blog post from our parent blog might be helpful: https://remotescale.com/airbnb-seo/

      The only difference is that we review titles differently now so try not to make your titles super fancy (a good example would be "San Diego Condo Near DT") and avoid emojis in there.