Meta October 30, 2020

Looking for beta testers for "Indie Hackers Enhancement Suite"

Alex Hillman @alexhillman

Hey y'all.

I've been working on a browser extension to add a few of my most-wanted features to Indie Hackers, sort of like the "Enhancement Suite" extensions for Reddit and Hacker News.

Most notably, I was reeeeally wanting the ability to mute posts and comments with certain terms (I use this feature heavily in Twitter and it makes my experience SO much better).

I also really want the ability to bookmark my favorite posts and comments without having to copy/paste links (and lose context along the way). I know that this has been discussed on the forum, and it seemed like I was not the only one wanting IH bookmarks for the same reason!

So version one of the Enhancement Suite (for Chrome) is done. No data sync yet, just using local storage, but it's working GREAT.

Looking for a handful of people who use Chrome to test out the extension, taking beta signups here:

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    Yes, I need something like this!

    I signed up to test the plugin (though the confirmation says 'expect some great emails soon' but no deets about the plugin :)

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      Ah yeah I gotta update the confirmation email, whoops!

      I'll send out beta instructions to everyone who signed up this weekend.

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        Sounds good! 👍

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    Hey Alex, just in case you missed it: Courtland might be adding the bookmarks feature soon. I know you have other enhancements planned but just letting you know if it helps prioritize your work. Great idea btw. Also, if you’re on iPhone I built an IH iOS client that makes browsing faster and smoother.

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    Subscribed! I also need this badly...

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      Sweet! I'll email you details in the next day or so.

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