YouTubers December 3, 2020

Looking for Brutal Feedback On My New Video Content

James Robertson @roberja90

I just changed up my newsletter to include video content. Im hoping this will help me grow my newsletter. I have never done video before and looking to get as much feedback on the video as possible.

I know the video is not great but what would be some quick wins to improve it?

Do your worst

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    I am not an expert, but:

    1. You are really quiet with your voice.
      It's sounds like you need to be quiet because you have a sleeping baby in the next room. (I have the same problem)
    2. Is the right side of my headset broken? No, it's only your audio recording being played only on the left side of it (i don't know how this issue is called).
    3. The video is kinda boring. You are good at explaining stuff but the is no excitement/action.
    4. The audio is the key. Fix it!
    5. Video max quality is 720p and the code is blurred. Maybe use presentation mode in your editor to make the text bigger?
    6. No thumbnail? It's a 5 minutes job on canva (free tool)
    7. Ping me with your next video :)
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      New post. I thinking the audio is better.

      Video quality still needs some work.

      Very curious what you think

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        • You should cut out this "inception"-thingy on the beginning.
          Nobody wants to see that.

        • Your beginning:
          "Let's take a look quick at Scriptable. Emmm. So Sciptable basically is.."
          A more exciting beginning everyone loves to hear could be:
          "Can you write javascript? Yes? Then stay with me because i am about to show you how to write awesome scripts for you iphone, that use native APIs so you can build some awesome features/stuff".

        • too many "so"s and "em"s. Don't do "emmmm" when you wait on something to happen on your screen. Cut it off in post production (imovie/final cut)

        • you sound like you are really stressed? or under pressure? relax man!

        On the bright side

        • the audio itself is excellent
        • you are on the right path! :)
        • everything is well explained
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      Thanks for all these great tips. I had come to same conclusion on the audio and excitement points. Great catch on the blurry code. Thats a big one.

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    I'll just echo what dawid said: The audio is really low. I could barely hear you while watching the video.

    The sound was a bit better on the newer video, but still a bit low for some reason.

    Since you are making tutorial videos, here are a few things I think would improve your channel:

    • When you are recording, create a little area at the corner of the screen where you can record yourself. It makes these sort of videos way more engaging. Just look at all the people streaming on Twitch.
    • Use a larger font size
    • Buy some lighting gear. That'll make your videos look way better. You can get some cheap amazon for like 50 bucks. Turn off your ceiling lights.
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    You can talk louder and with more confidence. You can also edit your video down to maybe 2-3 minutes and still get the same point across. Editing is incredibly important so cutting out anything you don't need can dramatically improve the watch experience. For any programming tutorial make sure to make your font size really big on your IDE so people watching can see the code.

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