Developers October 23, 2020

Looking for Cloudinary Dev's to pick brains.

Derek Labian @redm

Hello, we are considering a product in the space of Cloudinary and are trying to find some developers currently using Cloudinary programatically. We would really appreciate any time anyone can spare, it would be a huge help. We are flexible for both time and medium of any chat.

(Or FileStack/UploadCare users)

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    I have used cloudinary for my projects in past. Happy to help :)

  2. 3

    Hey I’ve used cloudinary quite a bit. Feel free to email some times, happy to help:

    [email protected]

  3. 1

    Hi Derek, if you have any questions regarding Uploadcare products or the suite's integration, feel free to ask here. I'll help you with all the info.

    Btw, we have a developers hub You can sign up and integrate our media pipeline to your project for free. You'll have three months to test all available features. Then we'll help you choose the plan tailored to your case.

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