Looking for cofounders for

Hey guys!
Senior fullstack developer here - want to pair up and create some amazing apps

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    Time to build a tinder to match founders:)

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    Building a project with a very targeted demographic. Email me [email protected]. Lets chat

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    Hey! I'm trying to build a team around Poise. Email me at [email protected], if you're interested :)

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    Hey Julias,

    Already building a product for the Indian market, going live in 2 weeks. Intersted in having a chat?

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      Sure! Feel free to ping me at [email protected]

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    Hey! We are looking for a senior full stack developer with a great managerial inclination. Our product is a mobile application that is trying to disrupt the oligarchic film industry.

    Kindly send me an email at: [email protected]
    Let’s get in touch!

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    Iam UI/UX designer, interested to collaborate
    some of my work here https://dribbble.com/pixerizer

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      Sure! Feel free to ping me at [email protected]

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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      Sure! Feel free to ping me at [email protected]

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