Looking to Partner Up January 27, 2020

Looking for CTO (full stack developer) to help with video game community

Joseph Johnson @buffalo_joe

The gaming industry is growing year over year and aside from game developers and streaming there have been no other legitimate areas of growth in the industry that have been taken full advantage of. I want to change that and help pro gamers train/coach amateur gamers by providing a platform.
Why are we doing this: We believe competition in any form is the key to growth and this is a competitive area we can make a difference in as well as stake our hold in the industry.
The Team: Myself and a professional recruiter who will help with attracting the pros.
Why should you be interested: creative input, disruptive business model, sweat-equity.

If you are creative, enjoy working and pushing yourself more than most, and know front-end and back-end code -- then message me!

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    Interested! Would like to find out more.

  2. 2

    interesting !! Are you looking to build a platform where players can learn how to play better ?

    1. 1

      Yes but also were professional gamers can get paid for training/coaching them.

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    Great initiative! I've been e-sports gamer long ago we had physical academies/bootcamps taught by senior gamers and they used to help us out and practice with us and get paid.

    React out to me in case you're looking for someone who really knows the industry well :)

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