April 26, 2019

Looking for Design Help and Feedback

In the spirit of publishing before you're ready, I deployed http://www.giftgeniusapp.com this week. I've spent time working on messaging my value propositions and getting a landing page coded using Bootstrap. I'm eager to hear feedback and hoping to find some design help.


  1. 1

    It's very immature. You need to work on typography, content, image, and add more blocks. It's not obvious how you provide the service (is it an email newsletter?).

    • It's better to have a cover with different UI than the feature blocks.

    • Your feature blocks should have more content and the image could have shadow or rounded corner (I suggest http://thetheme.io/thesaas/block/content.html#block-1).

    • Seems your product is not ready yet, so at least have a block to capture email addresses. Also, a count down timer for the launch day could be helpful for visitors.