Looking for Designer feedback for my app

Hi Designers,

I'm working on Previewed - a tool to help designers (and devs) to showcase their work. I am in the process of releasing a new update to help create mobile app promo scenes. Think of it as Adobe After Effects, but simpler and online.

I would love it to get reviewed by designers out here - every detail matters. So if you are able to spare some time today, please leave a comment or dm me on Twitter

In return, and as a thank you, I can assign you free credits / sub on Previewed.

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    Really cool product. Overall, it looks awesome! A few comments that can hopefully can help to take your design to the next level:

    1. The logo is a little too big. Probably a 15% or 20% smaller will look better.

    2. The live demo is awesome! But I think it should be above the Templates section because the reality is that most people won't scroll that far. So you want to have a chance to impress them. And I would probably add a CTA right below, so you catch them right after the excitement of seeing their image on the phone.

    3. Adding some visual separation for the different sections might help a lot. For example, the part with the Macbook mockup could extend the black color all the way to the sides, instead of being just a rectangle. Same with other sections. Alternating them would create a better balance and make it easier to scan the content. Maybe even consider using purple as a background for a section? Hard to tell without seeing it, but you get the idea.

    4. The Templates section is just too big. There's no actual "selling" content in them, so visitors will try to read the headings there (ie. "3d device mockups") but won't be able to make any sense of it. I would make them much smaller, put them next to each other and highlight the CTA button.

    Best of luck! You're doing great!

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    Happy to take a look for you! The landing page looks great!

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    Yo Georgy great work and congrats on quitting and going full into indie hacking! Happy to connect and schedule a call sometime for next week if you have time (this week is really busy for me) :)

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