Digital Nomads September 16, 2020

Looking for digital nomad feedback

Nils Cambreleng @Nilscambreleng

Hi everyone,

I am a 22-year-old French student in computer science and I will graduate at the end of the year.

I've been thinking about becoming a digital nomad for some time now, but I guess the reality is quite different from what you can see on youtube or read on blogs. I have a few questions that still block me a bit before I dare to go for it and I would have liked to know if there are people willing to share their experience.

If someone could take a few minutes to share their story, I would be so grateful.
Could you tell a little bit about:

  • your work & revenues
  • how you started
  • your social life
  • travels
  • difficulties

Thank you so much 🙏

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    Hey Nils - kev here; from France initially as well, I left the country 10 years ago now. If I look past this decade, I'm not even sure I'd call myself a digital nomad. That being said, I did set up in 9 different countries + spent some countless months here & there across the world [so I might qualify let's say].

    I'm writing you from Lisbon now; where I set up 2 year ago [clearly my longest time somewhere - I even bought a couch recently - there is a first time to everything I guess]. I've a 16 month-old son, and even though I don't think this would prevent me [us] to travel in the near future, I do have to admit this changed our focus this past year and calmed us down a little bit let's say.

    Few random thoughts reading you:

    • don't overthink it; experience it. You're lucky enough to hold a french passport; i.e you can already stay in most places up to 90 days; so go there, explore and listen to yourself. You'll quickly see / feel if you want to continue or if you're home sick.
    • find your own pace / rythm. There are unlimited ways to live like a digital nomad. I sometimes think the nuances between slow travelling / nomadism / you name it are more and more porous. So again: experiment and find your own way.

    Few things re: my own experience:

    • this one is probably the most important / farfetch: I've never been alone! I literally always moved out / travelled with my girlfriend. It definitely influenced my social experiences everywhere. So while I can confirm [meeting tons of nomads around the world] loneliness could be a challenge, that hasn't been my case [there were othersof course :)].
    • work-wise, we always launched & managed our own companies. We even lived in few countries as a team for a decent part of the last decade [from 2015 until these days actually; most of the times it meant 4 of us - so again, that changed & influenced tremendously our social lives].

    Even now, 3 of us are building myStvff - on another note, our app might help you pack & manage your stuff -- we actually got that idea few years ago while literally bouncing from one place to another - anyway I digress.

    Last but not least, feel free to reach out [Twitter or anything] and shoot your questions / doubts / you name it.

    Peace, k.

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      Hey Kevin,
      Thanks for your feedback!

      I was a bit scared about the social life aspect, mainly because I'm young and I saw that most of the nomads are between 25-34. But If you say it wasn't an issue for you, since you started at the same age as me I'm reassured.

      I followed you on twitter, I would definitely love to have a 5 minutes call with you, so I can ask you some other questions.

      BTW, I subscribed to your App, thanks!

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        With pleasure man - and thanks for the support 🙏 Sending your an email now 😉

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    Nils, it's a wild journey. In July of 2000 I took my laptop, bought plane tickets and started the lifestyle. At the time I had a small web agency and outsourced all the work, sold hosting, etc. from where ever I was.

    It was isolating, but...I did find my partner/wife on the adventure.
    Since then we have worked and lived across five continents and many countries.
    It spoils/ruins you for the ordinary, so if you want your life to be forever changed get ready. You will want a social circle of experienced, traveled, cultured and diverse people after you get a taste of DN life.

    The difficulties of language, culture, dangers are outweighed in many cases by the depth that life brings. I wouldn't trade it for anything yet my wife and kids definitely feel the affect of the slowmad/digital nomad/expat/nomadic lifestyle that we've chosen.

    Work evolves as you are forever a student, learning/studying and working on self and professional development so that as society changes along with your maturation you earn more. Invest in yourself, be hungry for more. Invest in others and deep relationships.
    Cheers, may this help a little.

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    Salut Nils et bienvenue ici !

    N'hésite pas à poser ta question dans le groupe France
    Je suis sûr que certains seront ravis de partager leurs expériences en tant que nomade

    Bon courage pour ta fin d'année

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