Looking to Partner Up January 21, 2020

Looking for equity cofounder for language and cultural exchange technology - benefit corporation.

Brett Tuley @Brett_Tuley_ExLang

Peace. Talks.

Experience Language's mission is to create peace in the world by bringing people together to share language and culture face-to-face.

I'm interested in trying to build a benefit corporation and believe there is both a sizeable market and opportunity to improve civil dialogue in our society while teaching and sharing language and culture.

Please reply/connect If you are interested in language study, international cultures, having a positive impact, and/or the vision of increasing civil dialogue and may be interested in starting a company with me I can share some of the work I've pulled together. I have conducted market research, found some academic research on promising technology that could be co-opted for a game based language learning application, and created a machine learning algorithm to estimate learner state (which is required by the afore mentioned learning tech), and pseudocoded up some potential algorithms to bring it together in a new business model.

I'm mainly looking for a developer who can create cross-platform mobile applications (presumably web based), but also interested in talking with folks with other skills. Looking for equity cofounders to bootstrap with. I'm interested in exploring incorporating as a benefit corporation so we can be free to make decisions with total social benefit in mind.

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    Hi Brett,

    This sounds interesting, how would you be looking to a approach this?
    Do you have an idea as to what application you are looking to build to address your culture sharing?


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      Sorry I missed your comment somehow. Yes, I would like to start with a baseline "home" app that uses some AI/ML algorithms and a learning theory called CDT (https://www.instructionaldesign.org/theories/component-display/) to serve as the core mobile learning to build other features on. Cultural sharing would be through in-person experiences that arranged in conjunction with the in-app learning. For example, studying how to play majong in Chinese, then arranging to actually go play majong with a native speaker.

      Another example would be tying the in-app learning into culturally relevant media. That could be like studying the language for a TV series one episode at a time, and then streaming those episodes with tools and overlays that aid you in getting through the video with better comprehension and cultural understanding.

      Key point would be rather than wait until some future day when you language is "good enough" to immerse yourself, start connecting with real people and culture from day one.

      I'd love to hear what you think.

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    Hi Brett,

    I read your post and i am interested into your business. I have more than 9 years experience in IT, worked with governments and fortune 500 MNCs.

    Shoot me mail, Thanks.