No-Code February 14, 2020

Looking for experts in popular nocode tools

Colin Winhall @cwinhall

Working on a project to scratch my own itch.

Having worked in multiple tools within the #NoCode space for over a year. I find myself still getting stuck on simple tasks. I will gladly pay an expert in that tool to help me. I just started for this reason.

I would like to ask experts in the tools listed there currently to reach out to me if you would be interested in helping others and being paid for your time. I don't want to have dozens of experts listed, so spaces are limited.

Time slots would generally be for no more than 1 hour. All experts would need is a calendly account for me to link to.

I will be taking no commission on any payments made through the site. Every cent will go in your pocket.

Currently looking for #NoCode experts in:

  • Bubble
  • webflow
  • zapier
  • integromat
  • glideapps
  • airtable
  • dashdash

Max 8 experts per tool.

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    Looks exciting. Have you looked into CODA? It's kind of like airtable but also has a few powerful automations

    1. 1

      Yes I will be looking to add more tools to the list eventually. Just testing the waters for now, see how it goes.

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    I'd like to take part also, but I can suggest a tool that contains a smart no-code database, automation, and site builder in the same flacon. I say about Tabbli. So you don't need too many different products. We are on the early stage, so we make much more than we sell now. You'll get a product with detailed description and video lessons. It will be able to repeat each how-to lesson and change it on the fly and maintain yourself.

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    You can add me as a bubble expert, I run (teaches bubble).

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    Hey man, congrats on the service. I run and we've help some services like hello guru to find no code experts with great success. Let me know if you're interested.