March 15, 2019

Looking for feedback!

maxigimenez is a platform for makers/business to easily create embed widgets using data from a google sheet for different purposes, at the moment I have 2 designs timeline/changelog, but ideally, with time I'm going to include more and more.

I released 2 days ago in Product Hunt and got some attention and in base of user feedback, some of them are willing to pay for the service.


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    @Jordan_Frankfurt @Daolf thank you for the feedback.
    This is the google sheet that I use to create updatefy update page:

    My idea is to continue adding "themes" to create different approach of widgets, such a roadmap/dashboard with stats/graphics. etc.

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    Hi, first of, congrats on your launch!

    As Jordan said, I have trouble visualizing what the widget looks like and how they interact with the data in Google sheet.

    You should keep in mind that a lots user never reads the landing page, so my advice would be to really put emphasis on video/image or gif.

    Also, make your text under your 3 features explanation shorter and bigger.

    Here is an example of a Google sheets utility that I think explain things very well on their landing page:

    I'd love to learn more about this project, can make prototyping and coding MVP much easier/faster.

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    I would love to see what en example sheet looks like. I am having trouble understanding the start/end points as a user.