Looking for feedback on a backpacking travel cost calculator

I'm not including any background story or explanation so I don't seed your mind with things to look for. If you have questions about the project I will gladly answer them in the comments. I'm looking for honest feedback from a user that lands on the site with no context.
What are your impressions from using the site? What do you love? What do you hate? Is anything confusing or out of place? Tear it apart please :)
Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Just gave it a go and I have a few notes:

    • The hostel sliders should look the same and be defaulted to a certain level (also removes the kinda annoying pulsing box shadows
    • A few more visuals would be nice and combat the green/teal (let me see pictures of Vietnam)
    • I'm sure you have this in you v1.0, but you should let me select a country and then give me suggestions for hostels, travel SIMs, etc so you can collect commissions/ad revenue
      -Would also be nice to put in number of days so I can get a final total for a backpacking trip and add in fixed costs (flights, clothes, gear, etc)
    • Also it doesn't seem like you set a meta title for your site, so the tab just shows the domain

    Very good to know that 10 beers a day is fairly sustainable around the world.

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      Thank you very much for the feedback!
      Fixed costs, number of days, adding a meta tag--all excellent suggestions. You're right about the ads, though I was just going to put something like "hostelworld has hostels, figure it out" somewhere on the page. Tailoring them to a country is a much better idea though!
      The controls for the accommodation have been the biggest design struggle so far. I haven't found an intuitive solution yet. I'm hesitant to turn them into sliders because getting the user to allocate 100% is kinda ugly. What would be your opinion on these alternatives:

      • Choosing between 100% free, 100% dorms, or 100% privates (Make each a button, and you can only select one)
      • Reduce it to a single slider with two extremes (frugal vs luxury)
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        I was thinking having three linked sliders, so as the user changes one the other two respond in kind. Three might be difficult, so would it be worthwhile eliminating free since I'm not sure how many users are intent on roughing it in Cambodia.

        Otherwise, I'd vote for a single slider b/w frugal and luxury to maintain symmetry

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          Ok, that gives me stuff to think about. Thanks for the feedback again!

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    • I like that I can set where I'd spend on accommodations. I balance cheap/free and expensive stays during my adventures.

    • I want additional information on where/how to get sims, photos of potential towns and places to stay.

    • Cost of airfare from my location to there could help with choosing.

    • Instead of "how often will you sleep..." Maybe what type of accomodations do you like.

    Overall, I think it gets the very basics covered. Allowing someone to at least get a ballpark figure to start with.

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      Thanks for taking a look David, this is great feedback!

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