Looking for feedback on Automotive Stock Photo site

Hi, we recently released a new site providing access to a large collection of Stock Automotive Images. Current inventory online is covering a variety of makes, model and years. The sites' goal is to make it easy to find exceptional automobile images to be used in all forms of advertising.

Any general feedback on the site is greatly appreciated!

As we ramp up the site we're looking for ways we can improve the product.


Thanks, IH!


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    Looks like a great resource, but who is your target user, and what would they do with the photos? When designing an ad for an automotive manufacturer, the manufacturer will provide the approved photos.

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    This is a great idea. I think you are onto something.

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    My god when I worked for a car dealership I would’ve killed for this.

    However I see you’re only US and have a limited selection of models?

    Do you make the imagery yourself?

    We would always have images from manufacturers but when we wanted to use them in ads I’d need to do some work on the images, change colours etc.

    I think there is something in this

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      We have been mostly focused on US models but would certainly like to expand our library in terms of both Makes and models provided.

      I didn't make the imagery myself. My father in law is the photographer. They'd been making a living providing these types of photos through some resellers for a long time but It was time to get them onto their own platform as well which is where I helped in building the site itself.

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        Ah ok great.

        As for the site, the visual design I think could certainly be improved with some tlc and there are a few usability and ux issues I bumped into when trying it out but I am on a phone.

        I can see it’s early days for the project though so best of luck I hope all goes well.

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          Thanks for the good will ,we're hoping it goes well too. Mobile and UX is an area we are certainly still polishing. Was there anything more specific regarding the usability or ux issues you ran into you'd be willing to point out?

          We appreciate the comments and feedback.

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            Sure yeah, I’ll email you 👍

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