Landing Page Feedback April 7, 2020

Looking for Feedback on My Python Course Homepage

Nick McCullum @nickmccullum

Hey all

My very first side project is a (free) Python course for people who haven't coded before. I am looking for feedback on both the course's homepage/landing page as well as its curriculum. Here's the link:

Thanks for checking it out!

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    Congrats on launch but I don't see why your course is more appealing than anything else. And I don't think it's for people who haven't coded before. You started from Anaconda and Jupyter whereas such people would start from super-very-beginning tools like command line and simple IDE that would help to debug. It's pretty hard to debug in Jupyter and its concept is not as simple.

    Another thing is you just provided a text with samples and it looks as boring as any other printed or written stuff. So I would suggest adding some fun stuff.

    Hope it helps and I wish you good luck.

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    Hi @nickmccullum,

    Congrats on making your course available, it is well structured and also includes the first steps of setting up.

    Thank you for making it freely available.

    Since you are focusing on beginners, it would be good to give them an overview on the importance of Python language e.g. used in Machine Learning etc.

    My suggestion would be, to have the link to the next steps of the course on the left pane. Here is how Stripe is doing it. I am sure there are some free tools to help you achieve this.

    All the best