May 29, 2019

Looking for feedback on my weekend project


Last weekend I was working on a chrome extension. What do you think about the landing page and chrome extension?

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    Such a good idea, no need to over complicate the landing page design. Will be downloading this tomorrow 👍

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      Thanks Laver.
      I would appreciate the feedback of the product also, waiting for tomorrow.

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    it looks great! it's simple, it explains what it does well. Call to action is very visible. Can't wait for you to add some awesome logos in your customer area :)

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      Thanks Alina.
      Unfortunately, I will never know who is using my product, until they write a review.

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    I really like it, both the idea and the landing page. If I had the need, would definetly use it.

    Its the kind of landing page I would expect from a quality extension, it has a simple-well made tool look to it and gives me a lot of trust to use your extension, which is something I tend to look when choosing an extension.

    1. 2

      I totally agree with you. A good looking landing page is a sign of quality that contributes to trust.