Landing Page Feedback November 14, 2019

Looking for feedback on our landing page - Charge CRM

Harrison Spain @hspain

We are looking to launch in the coming weeks and would love the feedback of the Indie Hacker community.

Check out the link below and let me know what you think. I am not a designer or a copywriter by trade so this is definitely a weak spot for our product.

Any and all feedback welcome!

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    When you talk to users, do they mention "fast" and "modern" as things they are looking for?

    Are those the biggest positives/benefits your CRM offers?

    Why would I choose you over hubspot (which is free)?

    Where are your main users coming from? Do they have a CRM? Is this their first CRM?


    "Get control of your leads, customers, and sales. Charge is a powerful customer relationship manager without the complexity and time costs that run traditional sales forces.

    Get work done quickly. Build relationships. Grow your business."

    This is too long imo. Not many people are going to read all of it. What are the important parts? Focus on the key takeaways you want your customers to have. You can either remove the excess text or highlight the important parts (i.e. make them bold, etc)


    You could use more vertical spacing above the fold. It's a little crunched together and hard to focus on anything.


    The biggest issue is that none of the benefits stand out to me. Nothing sells me on your software. What are your customers looking for?

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      Thank you for the feedback!

      Fast and modern are the things that I kept hearing as reasons why the product stood out, so I made it the tagline. I also think that they are things that the top existing products are missing.

      I could definitely use another hook, but the reality is that the product is relatively simple and just does those simple things well. I kinda looked at Slack as an example of a product that did that and made it work.


      I will certainly look to tighten up the copy.

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    Hey Harrison,

    I love the design. Looks slick!

    I've tried some CRMs myself. I could tell you my perspective from a marketer's point of view who tried HubSpot, PipeDrive, and various other smaller solutions.

    On the one hand: If you say fast and modern, prove it. What makes it fast? What makes it modern? Do you use different technology ot make your CRM simple, fast, and modern?

    On the other hand: as a user, I'm not sure if I want speed and technology. I want simplicity and a better way to manage out to clients. I want to do less work and achieve more.

    If you go to the CRM market, you'll need a bigger idea, a way to position yourself in the marketplace.

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      Thank you for the feedback. I am currently at the drawing board looking for a bigger idea to position ourselves.

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    Hi Harrison,
    In terms of design-layout, I loved it.

    As far as positioning of the ChargeCRM goes, I don't think for CRM, FAST is going to make me switch. Little be of description about why it is MODERN is necessary.

    You've mentioned about security as a feature: how is it different than the rest (and tool as a whole as well).

    If I were you, I'd invest couple of days in figuring out the most appealing benefits (if not the uniqueness) and carve out the positioning of positioning of the tool accordingly.

    Good luck.

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      Thank you for the thoughtful post!

      I will take your advice and put together that list and see what I can do to communicate it better.

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    landing pages are so overrated and generic. Everyone and their dogs brother has one and they all look the same, and the data literally just blends in.

    Find a way to differentiate, be different in your presentation, that might be more effective.

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      Thanks for the feedback.

      To me, generic is as good as I am going to be able to pull off. Not being a designer, I am hoping to just be able to pull off "polished" which hopefully I can get to.

      As we grow, hopefully, we will have the ability to create something truly unique!

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    It stayed at loading for me for almost 30 seconds.

    It gets stuck at TLS handshake to site.

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      Not good! I will look into that.

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    Hi Harrison!
    Looks slick, I like it! For me the texts looks a bit long, but I understand that's sometimes necessary.
    Another thing: I see only one feedback under 'Some happy customers'; so buttons does not work, might be good to have more that one. But I guess you will add that later.
    Maybe the logo on the top could be more visible/attractive, seems like it disappearing in colors, cause everything is blue, but that's just a tiny detail.
    I liked a lot whole design.

    Good luck,

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      Great, thanks! Really appreciate the feedback.