May 25, 2019

Looking for feedback on this job site


Hi all. Please check out and give me your honest feedback.

This is an MVP site I created back in late 2017, hosted it , and then just left it alone. Maybe I'm curious to see if it will gain traction by itself and explode... of course that didn't happen. (who am I kidding)

But then other projects happened, from paying clients... (I'm freelancer) so those paying clients take priority. And this personal project got shoved in the back burner, down in the basement, of an abandoned building.

Originally, I have a long list of ideas and to-do items for this site: Email notification for job seekers if a match is found, premiere listings, resume hosting, maybe even a management system so job posters can manage interested applicants. I had a long list of ideas.

But i kinda got discouraged when nothing happened (traffic wise). I'm sure its my fault, since I did not actively promoted the site, advertised it, or touched it again since launching this MVP. So yeah, that's on me.

This site has a chicken or egg problem... lack of job postings == lack of job seekers. And vice versa. I don't know what to do here.

I got some suggestions here on IH on converting it to an aggregation site, that will point to the original source of the job listing. Have that as the MVP, to build up traffic to the site, and then later add on self-hosted listings. The idea has merit, but I'm worried if duplicating jobs found on other sites will get me in trouble?

Not really sure what my next step will be... do the aggregation, or finish the site then promote it, or actively promote it now (FB, Google ads?)

What would you do? Looking for guidance, tips, ideas, critique, etc.

Thanks all!

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    Also note that for many, that church denomination is hugely important. So you'll definitely want to add a category/filter for such.

    My first task would be to learn how these jobs are typically filled, I imagine from the congregation themselves, and see if there's any value you can add to that process.

    My second task would be to limit geographic focus, perhaps the Bible Belt, and go in hard on both sides. Perhaps visit three or four churches and give them an in person tutorial re how to utilize your service. Then head to the surrounding college campuses with seminary programs or teaching programs and show students the offering and the ways they can make money while still in school.

    I've learned the hard way that networks require lots of personal cultivation. If you haven't got the bandwidth or desire for it, this likely isn't the right side hustle.

    Good luck!

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      Yes, denomination category is one of my to-do lists here before I got discouraged by lack of traction.

      Usually, there is a church search committee that reviews all received resumes. Or sometimes an outside consulting company is hired to do the search, and only submitting the final top 3-5 candidates for church to evaluate.

      Thanks for your response and input. Appreciate it.