Landing Page Feedback May 6, 2019

Looking for feedback on what I can improve

Yann Hulot @RandomSupernova78

My wife is a TESOL( Teaching English to speakers of other languages) teacher.
After looking at different websites for TESOL jobs, most of them were out of date or simply looking pretty bad/ unintuitive.

I am a dev so I decided to try to create a beautiful website that gathers jobs from different sources.

It's a good exercise for me to apply my skills, learn new things and maybe who knows, bring some extra income down the line.

I don't really have anybody to share this with so I thought I would ask for feedback here.

At the moment it simply gathers jobs, massages the data and displays it. I just added the new email functionality and I am currently creating a way to post a job for recruiters and schools.

I also signed up to twitter to get some traction but it will take a while before I gain some kind of following.

Please let me know in the comments what could be improved.
Please don't be afraid to point out the flaws, the obvious ones and the not so obvious.

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate it.


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    Tell me immediately what it is.

    Something, a tagline like:

    "All the TESOL jobs gathered from many sources. Find a job to teach English."

    Is the flag where the job is, what the language is? Make that super clear.

    What is the the 'a day' column? Date of post? Length of job? Label all your table headers.

    Good luck. 🍀

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      Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will make the requested changes.
      I appreciate your help.

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    As someone who used to teach in Seoul. I think it'd be handy for existing teachers to be able to review the schools (kinda like glassdoor) I remember looking at jobs and been scared as there are so many stories of people not getting paid or getting treated unfairly as the school can cut your visa. might not be an easy feature. but if your traveling to a new country and you know next to nothing about the school you want to know something. when I was teaching (10 years ago!) there wasn't a site that offered this.

    1. 1

      Thanks, I could look into making this happen. Like you said it is not an easy feature to implement but I could start small and test a few different ways of displaying that information to the users. I guess it is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. I would need to rely on the users to enter the data about the schools.

      Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

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        Yeah. no idea how it would work. I just know it would be useful if it existed. We all used to spend a lot of time on forums trying to find information about if a school was a good place to work or not. Best of luck

        1. 1

          Thanks, I will think about it. Would you mind me asking you for further feedback down the road once I have managed to build it?

          Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.

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    Looks great! Would be useful to have a drop down ‘search by region’ feature or similar

    1. 1

      Thank you are not the first to bring this up, so I believe it is a clear sign that I need to implement this feature.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thanks again

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