May 15, 2019

Looking for folks to make no code tutorials (paid)

Ben Tossell @bentossell

Looking for folks interested in making no-code tutorials on various platforms (bubble, webflow, glide, Airtable, sheets, coda etc)

Mix of video, image and text
~30 mins max
No audio needed
$$$ paid

Email me [email protected]

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    Hey Ben! I built my MVP with no code (Typeform, Stripe integration, Google sheets + Email list, Ship on PH) had paying & return paying customers (you were I believe actually one of them!). I'll email the details, look out for it from [email protected]

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      awesome looking out for your email!

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    I think I saw you at ProductHunt. I use Airtable and Coda. And I'm posting articles at Hackernoon with different topics. Let's chat!

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      Aweseome! email me [email protected] :)

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    I'm bending Coda to my will. E.g., I built a snake game on it. Coding on a no-code platform — that could be an interesting lesson.

    If this gig is worthwhile in terms of effort vs $$, count me in.