April 10, 2019

Looking for freelance Express / Vue developer



I'm looking for a freelance full stack developer with Express and Vue Js experience to help me take my simple side project MVP to production. I have a fully functioning MVP built using Vue CLI + Airtable as backend/db which is obviously not good enough for prod.

Broadly, three things need doing:

  • building a simple backend API to serve the data
  • tidy up my front-end code and hooking it up to the new backend
  • deployment

More generally, I'm looking for a tech partner to work on projects more long term, and this could be a good way to get to know each other too. My background is in marketing and product management.

If that's you I'd love to hear from you- drop me an email or comment and we can chat.


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    If you're not that technical yourself, you probably shouldn't dictate the tech stack. It would be better to partner with someone with deep technical skills and trust their judgement in their domain!

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      Yeah of course for a standard project. In this case, it's a a way for me to learn and the project scope is limited

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    I agree with @alchemist. Rather let the tech person choose the stack. I would be interested but I'd rather user Python (Flask) to build the backend than JavaScript just because that's what I'm more comfortable with and have more experience with.

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    I am a vue developer

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    Rent one from www.designpac.net/pricing Well-experienced and affordable developers.

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    Hi Etienne I can take care of all your needs remotely see my work at chrysntm.com

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    I wrote you a p.m.

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    Check out VueJsDevelopers.com Anthony there runs a jobs board for VueJS, perhaps he could help you find someone.

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      Awesome, I'll have a look! Thanks

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