Podcasters November 30, 2020

Looking for great examples of cover art

Mubashar Iqbal @mubashariqbal

I'm working hard to grow my network of podcasting related sites, and decided to build a website to help people get inspiration for their podcast cover art.

I've built the website and started curating covers, but would love to know what podcast covers other people like!

Just link to the podcast here, and we'll all take a look 😀

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    Don't know if it's great, but I'm currently pretty happy with our cover art for The Indie Worldwide Podcast

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      That does look good, definitely want to try and include different styles of covers, to people can see alternatives are they try and design their own podcast cover.

      Added: https://coverart.xyz/covers/34-the-indie-worldwide-podcast

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    Love this and I'm a big fan of Pod Hunt, too! Would love to be considered. Here you can see the cover art for Pipeline Meeting (in the embedded player).

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      👍 Love the cover art, great illustration!

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        Thanks! If you would like the artwork for your site just LMK :)

        It's part of a series of illustrations I had made for my SaaS with that little chipmunk character. Happy to connect you with the illustrator, they do great work using all open source software.

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          Awesome, will keep that in mind as I design more stuff of my own!

          Got you added: https://coverart.xyz/covers/26-pipeline-meeting

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    @mubashariqbal Cool project!

    In 1972 the Apollo mission took a photo of earth that transformed how we thought about our place in the universe, the fragility of our planet, and human created borders.

    This inspired the podcast cover art for This is Candor :)

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