Looking to Partner Up April 13, 2020

Looking for Growth Hacker / Marketer / Copywriter


Hey guys, I'm the founder of www.SoundStage.fm, a company that's building products and services centered around virtual performances, a new concept that makes it possible for artists to perform for events anywhere in the world without the need for travel.

I'm looking to incorporate an ambitious growth hacker into the team. Interested in someone versatile that blends growth hacking / marketing and can do basic copy writing here and there (e.g. drafting email templates, announcements, etc). Must be a native English speaker with strong written skills.

Ideal candidates are passionate about electronic music, and the possibilities of using telecommunications to create new forms of interaction and entertainment at a global scale.

This is a paid position, offering an opportunity to form part of an exciting startup whose core product and technology has already been proven and market tested, and includes the prospect of co-founder equity.

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    This is not me, but your concept and your site are super cool! Good luck with this project!

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    Hey there! Live stream events in the music industry is an area I've always believed there was unexplored potential around, so I'd be really excited about getting involved. As someone with experience as an artist manager with a marketing focus who is also part of the social media team for Pool Valley Records, I'm well equipped to explore this kind of role, so I'd be super up for a chat about this - my email is [email protected] ^^

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    I'd like to chat about the potential partnership. Shoot me an email [email protected]