No-Code November 23, 2020

Looking for help in designing a website


Hi IH,

  1. I have data in 70 Excel sheets. Each is an item by item capital breakdown of starting various small businesses.

2..This information is in high demand in my country.

  1. I want to put the information on a website.. People will pay to become members and access the information, with an option to view an example first

  2. My initial option was to let people pay me directly then I send the Excel file to their emails.. However, the rate of piracy is high. And the Excel format might not be friendly to some users.

5..My tech skills are very limited, and although I have been trying to learn I am not there yet.

  1. I am unemployed and budget for this is too low to hire a professional designer .

7.. So asking what easy to use tools can I use to create a sort membership website to put the data ?

8.. Alternatively what other database tools can I transfer the data to, share with those who pay, and limit access to avoid reselling and sharing?

9..Any other options are also welcome. My plan is to offer lifetime access after payment.

Kindly help..

Thank you

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    The tool that you're looking for is Airtable and With airtable, you can disclose certain records for free and for seeing or downloading the complete database, they need to make a payment. This is the best and the easiest no-code stack for your requirements.

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      Thank you. I have just started digging into Airtable. Looks like a possible great solution.

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    Hey, this might be useful:
    Tabslu coupled with a carrd landing page should do the trick.
    Let me know what you think.

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      Thank you for the heads-up. Quite a good tool.. Main challenge is Stripe is not supported in my country, otherwise it would be perfect.Wish there was a way round

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    I can help u design for free If you are interested Please email me at [email protected]

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      Are you going to use a no-code platform? Would love to see the result.

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      Thank you ! I have emailed

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    I've seen on other sites that want to restrict access to data the use of custom fonts. This means when you view the data through the website (and their custom font is loaded) everything looks fine (ie. "Example Text"), but if you copy/paste the data it has funny characters subbed in (ie. "Ex▒mpl▄ T▄¡t"), as these characters render in correctly by the custom font.

    I thought this was quite technically innovative (although a pain in the arse from a consumer point of view).

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      Pretty cool.. Although perhaps more technically challenging

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    I'd definitely use Webflow + Memberstack for this. Here are 2 courses I created that show how to do this! First is how to build a curation site, and the second is how to add a membership to gate content

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      Thank you so much.. Let me dig in

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    Couple of questions- would your users be open to seeing the data in a protected API? Do you have an example of what the Excel sheet would look like? Feel free to email me at [email protected], we might be able to help!

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      Thank you..Had missed this.Sending an email

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    How do you prevent people from reselling once you've delivered?

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      Not sure yet. But hoping if they can access the data via a website rather than downloading the whole database it would help.

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