Looking for landing page feedback on Data Platform

  • is it easy to understand?
  • what is confusing/missing/needed?
  • were you intrigued/interested by it?

Thank you!

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    Hey there, landing page nerd reporting. :)

    Let's check it out!

    • "Auto Rental & Car Sharing Data" Ok, that tells me what you're selling, but not why I should pick your data over other type of data. Is it particularly hard to come by that kind of data? Are you the only provider? Do you have MORE data than other providers? Is the data cleaner? Etc. You could have a clearer benefit.

    • "Data to Set You Apart. Insights to Keep You Ahead." Mkay, the trouble here is that I don't really know who that's for (which is okay, your customers might understand it). But you can probably make that clearer still. How will the data set you apart? What kind of insights will you get? Getting more specific will help you keep people interested more easily than by making generic statements.

    • "ACCESS MARKET DATA" This, for example, is probably valuable. Collating data from a bunch of sources probably makes you unique in some way (I imagine?), and can probably help you position your product is the "one stop shop" for car rental analytics.

    • "Cutting-edge car rental insights. One integrated platform." Right. I would avoid marketese like "cutting-edge" as much as possible, it's pretty meaningless.

    • "Analyze Easier. Invest Wiser. List Smarter. Succeed Faster." Okay that seems pretty interesting, but it would be EVEN MORE interesting if you had some statistics linked to concrete metrics that PROVE that stuff. At the bottom you have a testimonial (that looks fake, if it's not get a full name etc.) that says " I've been able to increase the majority of our listings revenue an average of 15% – 20% this year compared to last." THAT's WAY more powerful than most of the copy so far. Figure out what metrics car rentals look at, and show how you improve them. Remember, people don't do analytics because they like analytics. They want the results.

    • (In general, you're going to need more social proof)

    • "Competitive Research" It pays to be more direct in your titles. Don't forget that people tend to skip text paragraphs a lot, so you need to put value in the headlines/titles. Why do I care about competitive research? Maybe something like "Don't repeat the mistakes your competitors are making" or something. In general, think more about what your product does for me than about what it is.

    We could go deeper in the details but I hope that helps for a start. :)

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      Dude, you're AWESOME! Thank you for some great feedback.

      One thing, some of your notes are answered in the screenshots? Such as: our tool makes it a ton easier to analyze (as can been seen from imagery), you're able to list/price smarter by seeing market trends that we provide. All in all, i thought the images clearly prove why we can deliver on the promises?

      Yeah social proof is still a WIP.

      I really like your last point and will update accordingly.

      Did i say you're AWESOME? :)

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        Thanks, I try my best. :)

        Yeah, some answers are definitely in the screenshots, but I would be careful with that. Screenshots from complex apps take a while to digest for people to understand what's really going on. It's never going to be as quick as a good headline/title for your paragraphs. That's why you have to nail those.

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    @davidoudiette Agree with everything he said.

    Change "Cutting-edge car rental insights." section to a how it works. That will give a use case for them.

    The use case seems to increase profits profits by increasing/decreasing prices based on the market conditions.

    For the "how it works"

    1. Analyse
    2. Calculate prices
    3. Change prices (can you create something that auto updates prices?)
    4. See profits increase - (check vs last week/last month/last year?)

    I would remove the "Powering Innovation Across Auto Rental and Car Sharing" and put a call to action their instead.

    In the navbar would delete "customers" as well.

    Few quick questions if you don't mind :)

    How come you chose to design it yourself?
    Did you check out any template and/or landing page builders?
    If so why did you stick with Webflow?

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback! I didn't design it, i actually used webflow free theme. This was the first time i've used webflow (i usually design/develop my own) and frankly it wasn't a good experience (took too long to configure). I wouldn't use webflow in the future.

      1. 1

        No problem.

        Was just wondering as i'm building a landing page builder with themes built for SaaS which have built-in conversion tactics (CTAs etc). So I'm trying to understand the market :)

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          Cool, the main thing that initially made webflow attractive was the theme was really good and applied to my product.

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            Yeah, still building the templates, but with the current one we have you wouldn't even need to edit much and you would a very similar site with no work needed, just change text and copy.

            Here is an example done in a few minutes https://sharelytics.versoly.com/

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