Looking to Partner Up June 3, 2020

Looking for marketing and tech founders

Joseph Johnson @buffalo_joe

Have you ever had plans for the day for what you wanted to work on on your computer and then found yourself slacking off and going to procrastination websites? I find this happens all the time, especially since these sites are literally engineered to be addicting down to our biology. I also am terrible at working out from home since so one is watching I usually get lazy and quit early in order to enjoy some food in the fridge (at this point I am hoping someone agrees with me and I am not alone in my weak discipline).

I am super productive at Starbucks when I am working with people around me and people who can watch me. I am also super productive at the gym when others secretly judge me when I quit on the treadmill after only 5 min.

What if there were away to WFH but still feel the need to be productive because others are watching? This hits the heart of the Hawthorne effect. We work harder because someone is watching, but now no one is since you are WFH. Unless, you can have an interface with others who have the same ambition and need someone to work with. We can give them the option to stream their faces, and the other person can the the start of the URL you are on. They can also see how long you have been idle in case you get on your phone or use a different computer.

This is something I need. It is an issue I face everyday and a solution I would use. Does this sound like you too? If so, message me and we can brain storm. I can handle the front-end coding and design but I will need someone with marketing experience, and also someone who is a backend developer.

(If you've read this far, please comment your thoughts even if you are not interested. I hope this is something that can benefit the whole IH community and help us all stay more productive.)

Here is an article from Harvard Business Review about this topic: https://hbr.org/2020/05/we-work-harder-when-we-know-someones-watching

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    Hey mate. I'm solving a related or similar problem, but with a hardware device. Check it out in my profile. Would love to have a chat and see what learnings we can swap 😊

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    Interesting, do you need copywriter?

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      Startups are always in need of a good copywriter. Shoot me an email with more details about yourself:)

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    This is really interesting, While I do agree with your analysis - WFH requires discipline.

    Do you think people would be cool sharing their faces though?

    Anyway, Let's brainstorm this to see if we are a good fit.


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    Let's hop on a call to brainstorm this further. We had built a playful app similar to zoom just for internal team chats...but of no use now.

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      Shoot me an email if you're still interested

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    I love this idea, I have not been productive and oddly enough feel the need to impress other people. Are you in need of someone in finance? Also, is this basically like zoom but with strangers and built around productivity? Are there any legal concerns that bother you here since there have been so many issues with Zoom?

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      Currently we do not need someone in finance, and yes but avoid all of Zoom's issues. They have created a few methods to increase security which is something we could replicate.

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