Looking for Micro-SaaS examples. Know any?

The next Trends.vc report will cover Micro-SaaS

What's Micro-SaaS?

Here are some examples:

Looking for more examples. Have any?

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    Upvoty by @mikeslaats
    Exploding Topics (pro) by @jhowarth15 and @kyle_byers

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      Cheers for the shoutout Yannick 😁👍

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      Nice. Thanks Yannick.

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    All o our products are micro SaaS for the most part. We use only a small number of AWS lambda functions, usually one or two per service. That isn't to say our services tend to become large nor that we aren't using all the tech a platform to offer. While our code fits in lambda, we also make use of 10-20 other AWS services.

    Examples of these are:

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    I guess we fit this bill, for now: https://leadsie.io

    I actually set out to build a 'microSaaS' this year, but I think it's actually extremely difficult to keep it "micro". In my definition, it's a SaaS that you can build quickly (3 months max), ideally without even needing a developer (no code tools etc.). But that's an illusion. Opportunities like these are very rare - and also, very easy to copy.


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    Have you thought cold emailing people that launched on Product Hunt, say, several months ago and have a product/domain that's in the Alexa top million (that would indicate they had some success)?

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      Good idea. To make sure I understand. You suggest doing this to identify trends?

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        I thought you're looking for (successful) micro-SaaS companies :) Well you could def use it for trends as well, comparing successful with non-successful SaaS products.

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    Hey Dru!

    Somehow related, the other day I read this good article about a guy who explained how to make money building shopify micro-SaaS apps. Hope it helps: https://www.preetamnath.com/blog/building-your-first-micro-saas-app-on-shopify

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    @dru_riley, I'm building one. It's called Airlane - now in early beta!


    Looking forward to your report :)

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    In last 5-6 years micor-saas were popular but now what I see now is that world is moving towards more consolidation and integrations so that there won't be any data silos where more effective results can be generated and managed easily. But definitely there is still a space for micro-saas as there are still plenty of problems to be solved in specific niche. Just my 2 cents on the topic, would be great to hear from you guys:)

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    Since you mentioned Sheets, I thought I will add https://siteoly.com here It's saas for building websites from Google sheets. It got some good traction along with a few paying customers.

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    Can you define Micro-SaaS? I mean, are they "micro" because of their revenues?

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      micro SaaS is a term that describes SaaS projects made for a very special niche and solves a very special problem for prospects. it's not about income, it's about the resources (time, money, employees, ....) that you need to lunch, promote and maintain your product during the time. micro SaaS founders often prefer more comfortable lifestyles over a fam startup company, also I think they beilive in 1 Man Army principle.

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    What’s your definition of “micro saas”?

    That might be a good place to start when asking this question. Also will help me understand why I’m in your list. 😅

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    Why Outseta of course! We've built the de facto tech stack for Micro-SaaS companies that want to launch quickly and scale with a much more manageable tech stack both in terms of financial and technical complexity. Our entire objective as a company is to enable Micro-SaaS founders. www.outseta.com

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