Looking to Partner Up May 11, 2020

Looking for our head of growth 🚀

Gercek Karakus @gercek

Hello there,

I'm the founder of Raklet and we're looking for someone experienced to join our growth team. https://raklet.com

If you've worked on:

  • exploring new distribution channels
  • setting up automate emails for onboarding
  • outreaching prospects with email marketing
  • content writing and marketing
  • social media campaigns

and looking for a small team to make huge impact, please reach out to me.

You can find more details here: https://angel.co/company/raklet/jobs

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    Hi Gercek,

    It looks like you have a good platform to build a niche product from but right your product is a little "wishy washy" from your website description. If I am correct I can see it being used as a lower level follower interaction tool for digital influencers, churches, content creators, and even Personal Trainers?

    I've also noticed a few issues with metadata from your website which is displaying dummy data on preview for chat links as well as some inconsistencies with element layout and image content.

    However I really think you guys are onto something with this and if you are looking for a Quality Assurance lead and/or assistance with User Experience I would be interested.


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    Email: [email protected]

    I’d love to chat about this opportunity.

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      Thanks for your interest. I've added you on Linkedin. Looking forward to connecting soon.

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    Selam! I really believe you've set up an amazing tool. I can help with your growth and also to reduce go-to-market times for new releases :)

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      Tell me more about it!

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        I live in Switzerland and I'm currently employed as a digital education specialist / consultant. As "side-gigs" I help startups and entreprenerus develop their ideas, improve their products and put new releases faster into market (e.G. thanks to agile development methodologies).

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    I would probably check out the AirBnb talent directory for some people that are great and looking for new opportunity: https://www.airbnb.com/d/talent

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      I don't think we'll be able to afford them.

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        Don’t think only salary. Use equity and the promise of a startup. This is the time that people are willing to take on a new challenge. I was able to get former VP of marketing at Salesforce and ProductBoard to join my company for equity only. The worse that can happen is you get a no.