Looking to Partner Up November 20, 2020

Looking for partners to ship new drops in the happiness space

Kenny Grant @allbombs

What's up IH? I'm building out a creative collective on a mission around happiness.

"How can we build digital products and experiences to help humans think and feel better?"

We should build consciously, responsibly, and what's best for the human race.
I'm looking to partner with other creatives that want to build a better tomorrow. Happiness is subjective, but I foresee a number of digital drops over the next 12 months. Launching 2 new products over the coming weeks, thought I'd ask if anyone's interested in the mission and would like to get involved?

My background:
Vancouver / Singapore / LA
Product, Marketing, Design

I'm a visionary, are you an integrator, or what's your skillset?

[email protected]

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    I'm a web developer with 4 years of full-stack experience, looking for a project to work on.

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    Hi Kenny,

    I just posted this and then came across tour post that sounds very similar:
    I’d love to chat about working together if you’re interested!
    I’m currently working on an app to help people practice and improve creativity- so happy to share notes in that specific space too!

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      hey hey, drop me a note via email or twitter dm

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    Hey Kenny, fellow Canadian here, I'm building a fintech startup, I studied as a software engineer and I've created my own lending network from the ground up. I subscribe to everything you just mentioned in this post. Let me know if you know anybody that would be interested in working on this project with me, I call it Later Financial.

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      Will do.

      Thanks for the note Sam

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    Hi, the app Heartfelt I'm working on falls into the happiness space. It's an app that helps you strengthen your relationships.

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      Nice job. It sounds like you'll be launching in 4-5 weeks. Send me a note when you ship!

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