Looking for people to do side projects with

I am a back-end programmer and I'm looking for some people who are willing to create some side projects with the purpose of learning and discovering new technologies! I am mostly looking for some front-end developers!

I have some ideas but I'm open to new ones. And maybe we can even monetize one of them!

Just comment here or send me an email if you get interested in the idea!

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    Great initiative!
    I just started something similar.

    DM me on twitter if you are interested.
    All best

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    Hi there, I'm looking for an enthusiastic front-end dev to help me complete an MVP. I've built the foundation of a decent back-end and I'm about 50% of the way there on the front-end but could do with a hand ironing out a few kinks (owing to my lack of experience and knowledge). If you're interested in knowing more, check out https://fussyfork.com/pack and do get in touch.

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    I'm a web developer with 4 years of full-stack experience, looking for a project to work on.

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    Hey, full stack dev here, interested in partnering up on a project. What are some of your ideas? (Feel free to DM me)

    Edit: Or email me. Just joined this site and not sure if there is a private message system here haha

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      Hey, I'm looking for a technical co-founder (CTO) to build a deep tech company powered by computer vision AI & body recognition. I have full E2E experience in SAAS, eCommerce, digital transformation, infrastructure and global logistics. I have delivered 38 ideas into projects through to operational excellence for the worlds biggest brands such as P&G, Honda, Nintendo, Mercedes, Nestle, Singapore Airlines and many more.
      I have also ideated and delivered a computer vision AI for my employer that's now generating millions in revenue.
      Other skills I have include; pitching, client and stakeholder management, resource and budget management, risk management, operations management and a leadership award.

      In my own time, I invest my disposable income in deep tech companies on the stock market and my portfolio is at 159% profit which is about 150% higher than the hedge funds managed by the big 4, therefore, I understand business strategy and what makes a valuable company for the market and also to investors, these skills will help me build a scalable, globally impactful company.

      Please reach out if you have the right technical skills and also ambition and commitment to creating your own startup. I have a few ideas, however, I want to pick the final idea with my co-founder whilst also exploring your ideas if you have any.
      I am currently based in the UK which is my co-founder preference, however, I'm happy to explore a remote partnership.

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    Yes, I've got a couple SaaS side projects.

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