March 23, 2019

Looking for product/idea feedback

Brad Hall @bradhall

Hey IH, I'm working on a new project that aims to simplify accepting payments online for freelancers and businesses with recurring subscription needs. Simply put, it's a checkout/billing page form builder.

The idea is to enable freelancers and business owners to build beautiful checkout forms and accept multiple types of payment (Stripe/PayPal) without any coding knowhow.

  1. What are your initial thoughts on the idea?

  2. Here's a quick video of the form builder, comments/suggestions welcome:


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    1. Is this Stripe for a non-technical person?
    2. I want to watch a whole video what we can do from the beginning to the end.
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      1. Essentially yes; the idea is that you design your form and plug in your Stripe and/or PayPal credentials.
      2. Should be up in the next day or two
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    I like the idea!

    Checkouts and billing is a pain in the ass if you're not a technical person.

    Make sure to think of recurring subscriptions feature, too!

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