Looking to Partner Up December 2, 2019

Looking for SaaS co-founder

Adam Paul @AdamMercuryPlatform

We are building a platform to help freelancers and outsourcing firms give their clients more insight, control, and transparency into the process of development leading to longer engagement, more money, and better results for the full life-cycle of development.

Our team of 3 is losing our developer due to personal reasons and we're looking for a reliable developer (React, AWS, etc...) to step in and take us to launch and beyond.

We currently have 10-15 freelancers and firms that are interested in paying for the beta and over 50 interested in hearing about the beta program.

See more at: MercuryPlatform.com or email [email protected]

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    I'd be interested in talking if you're still looking

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      I'd be happy to chat, send me an email at [email protected] and we'll go from there.

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    Sounds interesting and like a product I myself might use as an independent IT consultant. What I’m not so sure about though, is the client side of the business.

    My clients usually either have their own systems (JIRA for the most part) in place already and they expect me to proactively communicate with them rather than them having to use yet another tool for that.

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      We plan to offer integrations if the clients/coders or other technical staff have their own requirements as far as tools they prefer to do their own task management, but a single, standardized "home" in Mercury's dashboard to cut down on miscommunications and other problems that arise by many people using many different tools like Jira.

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