January 17, 2021

Looking for Saas Onboarding Software

Amanda @amandaz

Hey IH-ers!
I'm wondering if there are any products that are onboarding flows as a service?
I want to add an onboarding flow that collects some information about the user after they sign up, as seen in many Saas products.
It's a huge pain to develop but really nice to have for self-serve apps.

Looked into Typeform, but need something more integrated and customizable.

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    Hi @amandaz 👋 !
    A fellow indiehacker here. I'm building flowdash.ai for the exact use case you are looking for. Would be willing to help you out personally with our product for your SaaS. We're in the process of launching product tours for web soon.

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    Convertbox.com if you are looking to collect data
    Walkme.com if you are looking to provide tutorials

    There are alternatives to both, google one of the names with "alternatives" and you will get a list

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      Not really. I took a look at their website and its not super clear what it does but seems like a project management tool instead.

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