Looking to Partner Up September 27, 2020

Looking for sale partners that can reach e-commerce decision makers 🏃🏃

Rcm @rcmy


Our project https://recomind.io is a SaaS for e-commerces. We use AI recommendations to get the right product in front of those users more willing to buy.

Personalization is a blue ocean opportunity in e-commerce, with few competitors with good technology and few e-commerces using personalization yet. The numbers are crazy, for example, 35% of Amazon's revenue comes from product recommendations.

We are looking for partners to help us scale the business. If you can facilitate connections with e-commerces to integrate our product, we'll be happy to share the benefits. Please contact us at https://recomind.io/#contact


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    @rcmy is your existing team’s skillsets?

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      we have both technical and sales people, however we would like to partner with more sales people. In the technical part we are ok for now

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    Is there a reason you haven’t built this on Shopify? I know of several e-commerce products where the creators didn’t want to deal with trying to sell to e-commerce decision makers. They can be quite difficult and expensive to reach, so they found it cheaper and quicker to just build on Shopify or one of the similar platforms even after factoring in the commission paid to marketplace.

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      Right now RecoMind works with Shopify and many other e-commerce platforms, but we are not in their marketplace. We are right now focusing on acquiring customers and improving the recommendation algorithms behind RecoMind. If we start getting Shopify store asking for an integration, we will implement it. Basically, we are waiting for customer signal

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        Ok, got it. Ecommerce isn’t my world, so don’t take my views as being worth at a lot. But, I was at WebSummit last year in Portugal. And a big ecommerce guy in Qatar personally told me he was looking for this on a conversation about AI in general. He was on Shopify. From my conversations with him and others, they are bombarded with products and services all day, but they have no way of knowing what’s real and what’s crap. I don’t know any good ways to break through that other than setup in Shopify and offer some small free trial. Again not an expert, but if they see a bump in sales, they will buy it. If not, they will disconnect and you’ll never hear from again. Only my very limited opinion, not fact.

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          That makes sense. By any chance, do you have the contact of that person? It would be awesome to do an introduction if you can

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            I can’t do it that way because I don’t want to give out his email, but what I can do is this: write me an email about how it can help Shopify shoppers. I’ll forward it to him, and I have to leave it up to him whether he wants to contact you or not.

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              that sounds great, I'll do that

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                I was also reminded of something else I used before. I found this B2B lead generation company in Poland where you just explain what type of lead you want and they go and bring you the contact details. For the life of me, I can’t remember or find that company again, but I found some other ones:


                It bothers the s**t out of me that I can’t find that one company from before, but it was actually cheaper than using Linkedin Sales Navigator + Ads. No idea whether the 2 above are any good, but that’s the idea that I think would really help you.

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    Hi I have a 5000+ email list of C-level decision makers of e-commerce businesses primarily on Shopify. I built the list using a custom web crawler which got the addresses directly from the sites of the e-commerce stores - all are personal emails, no [email protected] etc. Happy to discuss an affiliate setup or selling you access to the list if this could be interesting.

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      sounds interesting, could you please send us an email to [email protected]

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