Ideas and Validation February 26, 2020

Looking for slogan for the app

Angel Lai @Angelon

Here the app I built named Gear Browser.

It is an iOS web browser with advanced features for developer and designer.

The current slogan is Gear - Web browser for Geek.

But someone told me this is not so good and not easy to remember.

The targeted customers of the app is not only developer/designer and geeks, but also hopefully for most common browser user. The current slogan looks like just for geek.

Any ideas for the slogan? Especially good for English-native speaker.

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    I think the problem is that you do not have any unique value proposition, so there's no way to tell what the app is about and why it is different. In fact, features for devs and designers are shown at the very bottom of your landing page, however they were intended to be your niche.

    I think it's better to drop "common user" right now and focus. With this in mind dev-related sloguns become the main ones: "Reveal the machinery", "Get the wheels turning", "You are in control", etc

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    How about something that simply says who it's for: Gear - the browser for web developers

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      Those advanced features are additional feature of the product. If you don't upgrade to Pro, it is still a normal web browser and good for everyone to use it.

      So I just don't want to make the slogan is only for some kind of people. Hopefully it can be for everyone to use and having more for professional one as option.

      That's one of the reason why I want to change for that.

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    I had a hard time coming up with slogan likely because I'm not sure "why you are different" or "how are you different" or "what problem you are trying to solve"

    In your words "Why do I want for your advanced features" what is my problem?

    I think you have a story on why 'Gear4" with the TamperMonkey scripts... but that's burried and its still just a feature - its not a reminder of why viewing every ad on every web page sucks...

    You will know you are on the right track when after "a sentence and a half" you say something conceptually like - "but now with Gear Browser - you don't have to _____"

    Best of luck

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    Gear-eat Views
    Get in Gear
    Gear Up
    Time to Switch Gears
    Switching Gears

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      It's strange appear the band name in slogan. The name and the slogan will display together for most of time. Just read: Gear - Gear up, Gear - Get in Gear, Gear - Switching Gears. How's the feeling?

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        Ah ok then those won’t work. Let’s try

        Gear - Shift Into Your Web Content
        Gear - Shift Into It

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          Well, like this feeling.

          And any more with explanation why this?

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            It’s a play of words for changing speed gears of a vehicle. Usually changing upwards. So it can be thought of as a better version of something

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              Yes, indeed the browser having ad blocker can shift (speed up) the browsing experience. That's make sense.

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    Hmm... I am not a native English speaker, and the moment I can't find a better word than multi-purposeful. but it can be something like

    Your handy multi-purposeful tool

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      Thanks. The key of slogan or title for banding should be simple enough to read (even for children or non-native as possible), like Apple's. The word multi-purposefulis a little bit complex I think.

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