Looking for some feedback on our demo page


Let me know what you think about the mobile vs desktop views to show off how our product works

I think the demo should speak for itself what the product is for, if we miss that mark, let me know.

Also if you see any 🐛z

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    @koaty Good use of Vue.js!

    I like it. Simple, clean, functional. When I jump to your LP, it is very clear what problem you're solving. Kudos!

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      Thank you, glad to hear : )

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    Very clean and the product speaks itself @koaty

    If it's a site for demo only, that's perfect!

    Otherwise, you might want to include some explainer to help strangers walk it through step by step :)

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      Yep, that's just the demo although some explainers would be nice to work in as well, thanks for the feedback : )

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    lot's of good stuff but a lot of broken or not clear experiences.

    Overlall I'm confused.

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      Can you elaborate a little more?

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    Looks good Cody!

    All of the functionality seems to work. Although I didn't fill out a form to get a menu done.

    Did notice one spelling error on the demo - packges

    How did you do the phone video demo?

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      Hey, thanks for checking it out! The video was just a regular old <video> tag absolutely positioned below an iphone svg cutout . Where is the typo, I'll get that fixed up ASAP

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        On the Diane's cafe demo page,it starts off with 'Dinner packges' - missing the 'a' in packages. No big deal, but I noticed it.

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          Thank you! just got that fixed and will deploy tonight

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