Looking for some UX ideas for solving a lurnby challenge.

Hey all,

I'm having a UX challenge in Lurnby and wanted to gather some ideas from people smarter and more creative than I am.

It's an issue of scale related with having a lot of topics and trying to organize your highlights.

I made a short video where I show the issue and share some of my thinking around it.

I would love to hear your ideas for how you think this problem can be solved effectively and elegantly.

Thanks in advance for being kind and generous :D


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    Hi @roznoshchik 👋

    It looks like an interesting product you're working on and a very interesting UX challenge to try and solve.

    I think you raise a valid concern about how search may prevent people from seeing topics they hadn't considered. This was my initial idea until you mentioned that.

    I did have a few ideas you could explore though. I'd suggest trying a few things out and getting this in front of users though to hear their feedback first hand.

    1. Order the topics alphabetically. At the very least, it'll make it easier to find items in the list (e.g. if I'm looking for "biases" I know I can scroll past the topics that start with A). The benefit is it doesn't hide topics like search might, but does let people skip ahead.
    2. Explore a different layout for the list of topics. Perhaps one or two fixed-width columns. The variable widths of each topic currently means the eye has to jump around on each row. You may find the list could be too long though doing this.
    3. Could topics be grouped into higher level categories? The current format means the problem will accumulate over time as more topics are added. Could a user create categories of topics, and then click into the categories to get more specific topics?
    4. Explore making the topic selection optional (if it isn't already) and encourage users to do it after they've gone through a page of text. This would let users focus on one task at a time. For example,
      • task 1) highlight all of the sections in a page of text first
      • task 2) go through all of the highlighted sections and add topics and notes

    I'm interested to see how you tackle this so please follow up with an update!

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      Thanks man!

      These are really great. The alphabetical order is also super obvious, and would very much remove some of the cognitive workload. Could be a great fix.

      I do like categories - bit stumped for now about how to technically implement that. But you're the 2nd person to suggest that, so it might also be the one that makes the most intuitive sense to people.

      It is optional to add those topics, although I can probably hint at that in the UI somehow so that people don't feel pressured to do it all right away.

      If a highlight is untagged, it goes to it's own column on the topics page where you can then organize it as needed.

      I'll give it a think and let you know what route I choose to pursue.

      I appreciate that you took the time! thanks :D

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    Seems like the core problem is easily finding topics who’s content matches the new highlight.

    What if you had smart filtering?

    When you click “Make New Highlight”...

    1. The backend matches past highlights with the new one
    2. Finds what topic the matches belong to
    3. Pushes those topic tags to the top

    You should be filtering by the CONTENT of the topics, not the topic names themselves.

    This may be technically difficult but if chunking ideas is core to the experience, it’s worth it.

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      Hmm. Technically challenging indeed. It seems that it means some sort of semantic analysis approach? Or were you thinking something else?

      The thing that I wonder about that is if that would be the same. The chunking that happens currently is fueled by your own associations which could be irrespective of content and more "first principles" oriented.

      Doing a smart filtering like that would be able to suggest topics for sure, but it would be via direct comparison of text and literal meaning no?

      I'm not an expert at the kind of technical applications that are possible with any sort of AI-ish solutions.

      Thanks for the idea! I appreciate it.

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        No AI, just matching words. Kinda like how Roam Research connects pages that mention the same words.

        From what I got, active chunking is a key part of the product. So anything to make that easier might help.

        Hope it helps!

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          For sure! Thanks! I think suggesting relevant topics is a great solution and would definitely speed the process up.

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