Looking for stories about Python

I'm starting a new project that collects interesting stories about how developers use Python to solve problems. If that piques your interest, read more here: http://compellingpython.com/

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    I use Django for web development. Nothing fancy here... I building an e-commerce platform.

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      Nice! I'd definitely be interested in hearing your story -- what the context of your e-commerce business is, why you decided to use Django instead of something else, any custom pieces you needed to build, etc.

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        In Short: I come from a Java and C# background. I found .Net to expensive to host and both too heavy. I wanted something light and that allows me to build quickly. I was torn between Ruby on Rails and Django. But, because of my data science background I decided for Python/Django. In addition, i liked the language and concepts behind a bit more.

        I am super happy with my choice. The learning curve was flat and I was up and running in no time. Until now, I haven’t used many libraries. Just a few essentials such as pillow, crispy forms and such.

        It’s a market place for regional artisan products. It’s still in development. Currently i have released it without shopping functionality. So for now you can only browse and search for companies and products. Artisan can manage their profiles. More to come.

        Hope that helps ;-)

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          Sounds like excellent work! Once you get shopping launched and you're looking to get the word out, let me know if you'd like to do a text interview: [email protected]

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    Good luck! Maybe also go into the technical side a bit with your questions; find out what libraries they used, why, which were the most challenge technical aspects of their code and how they got past, and so on...

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      You got it -- I'm looking for stories that are both technical and have good context.

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    Seems like a great idea!

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