Looking to Partner Up October 4, 2020

Looking for tech cofounders


Hi everyone,

I am a full-stack developer. I have already launched two websites and also worked for the best tech startups as a full-stack developer. I have experience of 3 years in software development. I am now at a point where i only want to code and do nothing else. I like building interesting projects with interesting people. If you are looking for a tech partner and love to build projects, I would love to join you. I also have some ideas and I believe in building with fun .

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    Let's connect and se what we can do together : [email protected]

    Talk to you soon!

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    I'm looking for a full stack developer for an idea I'm already building. Would you be interested in discussing ahead? E:[email protected]

    I'm a full stack developer, but my main skills are in marketing and sales.

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    PM here, would love to chat! Where can i ping you?

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