Looking to Partner Up December 2, 2019

Looking for Technical Co-Founder for Construction SaaS Startup

Shane Barry @Shane325

Hi All,

I am the CEO and founder of Build Easy (www.buildeasyapp.com). Build Easy is a cost tracking platform for small and medium sized construction companies and contractors.

The product is almost feature complete and I currently have 1 company onboard and 3 others waiting to start a free trial (5 companies used the MVP and I have demo'd and spoken with 50+ other construction companies).

I'm currently looking for a technical co-founder / CTO to take some of the development work off my plate so that I can focus a bit more on sales and new customers. I would prefer somebody based in the Bay Area (like me).

If you're interested in learning more you can reach me at [email protected].


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    what's the stack?

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      MEAN stack (AngularJS 1.5).

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    Hi Shane, I'm sure you'll have no problems finding someone considering you already have sales! But if you are still struggling: can you let us know the tech stack you're currently using and also do you have much sales experience yourself or are you getting help with that too?

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      Sure. The codebase is a MEAN stack (AngularJS 1.5). I do have some sales experience from when I was a freelancer and I also have a vast network in the construction industry. I am not getting any help with sales right now (outside of referrals).

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        Well having hardly touched angular and been no where close to california I suppose probably leave it. Best of luck

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    Sounds fun! I am really interested.

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      Cool. Do you want to drop me an email: [email protected]?

      Where are you based?

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    Have you tried cofounderslab?

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      I have not. I'll check it out. Thanks.

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    Good luck!

    If I speak to any developers who are looking for a co-founder role will keep you in mind.

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      Thank you.