Ideas and Validation March 30, 2020

Looking for thoughts on a interview prep platform for UX/UI Engineers

John Macaluso @jmac

Hi All,

I'm trying to test an idea for an interview prep platform specifically designed for UX Engineers. In case you've never heard that term before, these are the folks that sit in between design and development. I got this idea when I was interviewing for Google. While there is plenty of information available for Software Engineer candidates I found it very difficult to find resources for their UXE track.

I put together this MVP just to show the basic idea -

For starters I just have 1 exercise available, but I've compiled a list of about 15-20 good ones that I've come across through my experience interviewing with FAANG as well as smaller companies.

As you'll see, when you login and start the exercise, I have the image, description on the left and a placeholder for submissions and discussion on the right.

Looking for any feedback or just general interest in something like this.

Thanks in advance!

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    Cool idea. Have you checked out

    Maybe your platform could evolve into something similar for UX Engineers.

    Keep going! :)

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    I've been toying with an idea, somewhat related to this.

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    • Similar layout to what you have, 2 panes.
    • Left pane can be either an image or an animated GIF to show an example.
    • Right pane the UX researcher/interviewer adds questions (dropdown, long-text, etc).
    • The "interview" is assigned a unique ID and link.

    With this tool the UX person could then go and share the link with people, they can then look at the info on the left and answer the questions on the right. I'm thinking questions like "what emotion does this content elicit". Or "what is your first thought when you see this screen". Or "is it clear what the next action is". Or "Is it clear what action the blue button performs". In writing out those questions I would maybe switch the panes so the user reads the question then views the sample.

    Because it's a unique link for each question a link can easily be embedded in a mobile app, website, or shared via email/messenger. So, what I'm picturing is customers can assign "beta test accounts" and those users see links in various places around the app/site saying "give feedback" and clicking that link opens a new browser direct to the UX question page.

    Or, a UX person could do a mock up, build the question page. And share it out to existing users to ask "would this feature be valuable".

    From your UX experience do you think that would work? Do you think that is related to your idea or am I hijacking your thread?

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      Hi, Thanks for your thoughts... I think your idea differs from mine in that you seem to be targeting UX research interviews? I'm thinking more along the lines of UX Engineers that are preparing for job interviews. Does that make sense?

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        Oh, and in terms of your idea. I think it's valid and a good idea.

        I know there's a lot of "interview tools" for the developer world but I'm not sure there's many interview prep tools. So I could see easily expanding your idea into any knowledge-based industry.

        Thanks for the Alpha HQ linke, I knew about them years ago but had forgotten.

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        Yes! Sorry, I was thinking UX interview as in interviewing users.

        Rose-coloured glasses. It is what I'm thinking about so jumped to the assumption it's what you're talking about.

        From your UX experience, do you see a need/value in being able to collect user data? Is there anything out there already doing this? I've not been able to find much that automates the feedback process including small scope and image to guide the user.

        Sorry to go off track!

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          No worries... Definitely seems valuable. Have you checked out AlphaHQ? -

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