Jobs December 3, 2019

Looking for UI/UX help


Hi! Need an expert to review the current state of several UI pages and provide advice or design on how to make it a whole lot better. I'm comfortable with paying for the expertise but I'm not sure where would be a good place to find UX/UI people for a relatively short gig that would also keep the details private. Advice please? Thanks!

Alternatively, if you are a UI/UX person looking for a gig, email me please [email protected]

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    Just sent you an email!

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    Moved this to our (very new) Jobs group. :)

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    Is this still open?

  4. 1 is perfect for this.

    Can pay to hire independent experts, or use the platform for analysis while inviting your own experts.

    Disclosure: I do freelance review tasks for thinksprint. When I started it was very much a tool for corporates, but recent changes make it suitable for indiehackers too.

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    Why not use usertesting, pickfu or userinput?