Looking to Partner Up May 4, 2019

Looking for US-based marketing specialist

Yoshua Kishi @Yoshua

We are creating a social platform to encourage mental well-being.

Obviously, our online life is rich enough. We can link to anyone, anytime, anywhere. But can we say our hearts are really happy?

Actually, many of you may feel tired about permanent notifications and messages, this tiredness and negative communication will make a bad cycle not only for our minds but also our society.

We need to create positive feedback loops.

And we are looking for a marketing specialist, because we are all engineers from Amazon and some smaller startups.


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    Hey Yoshua, I am not a marketer but I do know plenty of em. What type of "specialist" are you after? I.e product marketer, content marketer, etc.

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      I mean product marketer, very general.
      We are looking for a person who can get the user in the most efficient way.