Looking for work - I need some help!

Hey everyone,

I recently have gotten a string of bad luck with work and I am looking to IH to see if any of you are hiring or know someone that is hiring.

About me: I do customer service, design, and development(front end).

Here are some of my projects:

Anyone hiring?

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    Sorry to hear that, Casey... I have a remote jobs at early-stage startups newsletter. Most of the roles I can find out directly from founders, so they aren't as well advertised. the newsletter has a freemium model. Happy to provide you with access to the paid subscriber version for as long as you need

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      Wow -- that's amazing for you to do that. What is the website? I am in need of the same sort of resource. I have looked at let's workshop and some others but a bit too much at the moment.

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        @kenbknyc here's a link to the free sign up: https://thememo.substack.com. If you'd like to try the paid subscriber version, send me your email and I'll send you a gift sub ([email protected]). Cheers

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          You rock! sending you an email now.

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    We are thinking to change our Tutlane.com (https://www.tutlane.com) site design. Will contact you.

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      Looking forward to your email!

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    I have interests, can we talk?

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