May 3, 2019

Looking for young startups to feature on a new site, any recommendations?

Ryan @RyanHickman

I'm launching something pretty exciting! I'm feeling super energized about it. It's on my mind 24/7 and now I want to take it to the next level. I'm looking for a few awesome startups/products to feature on the site. The site is themed around what we're calling Micro-Podcasts geared towards crowd-powered mentorship. We got some really positive feedback at one of the NYC meetups which was awesome. We have a really aggressive launch strategy so we imagine to drive community to these featured startups.

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    Sounds interesting. Let me know if is a fit. Will have v1 out by Monday.

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      Looks wonderful

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    I just drop you an email. We will love to be feature if the product is a good fit. Let me know Ryan.

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      Thanks! and received.

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    That's highly depends on definition of 'awesome' in your particular case :)

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      My awesome for me is about commitment to seeing it through. Design and development nuances are subjective. So if you have something shoot me an email (email in profile).

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    Hey Ryan this sounds cool and can't wait to check it out. I am working on and should be launching by the end of the month. Let me know if this would be a good fit.

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    Hi Ryan, what type of startups are you looking for? I recently launched my product CodePusher ( and would be interested in getting featured if it's the right fit.

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      Codepusher is a very interesting product. I used to run a cohort of devs looking to learn. This is very cool. Can you shoot me an email and we can discus. Thanks!

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        Thanks! I just dropped you an email.

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    Sounds like a really intersting idea. Do you think would be a great fit?

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      Hey @tobby123 can you shoot me an email so we can coordinate! thanks!

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    Hey Ryan! Would love to get featured.

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      Awesome! I'll tap you via email. Excited!!