May 22, 2019

Looking to help some folks with sales + marketing


I do biz dev/M&A for an enterprise software company and trying to get my indie hack on! Just want to work with good people on solid products.

Can help build frameworks, refine messaging/copy, noodle on/project manage marketing and SEO, etc etc all with a focus on driving revenue.

Open to paid work/equity based work and just offering my 2 cents as a good neighbor. SF (Berkeley) based if anyone wants to meet offline.

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    Nick, would love to get your input, if your indie hack could also use my (tech/dev) input, feel free to drop me a line.

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    Hey Nick,

    We are a small software company with one small and one big (b2b) project. For the latter we definitely need help. Happy to have a chat with you when possible.

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    Hey Nick,

    I'm interested in a free 30 minutes call about marketing and sales.

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    Hi Nick,

    I could use some help with setting goals/strategy for early stage sales/marketing for a software product. Bay Area based so can come meet you in Berkeley. If you're open to it drop me a line at my username at gmail dot com.

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    Hi Nick! Thanks for your kind offer. It's greatly appreciated. Would love to pick your brains, please, on inbound generation for . Honest and critical feedback on copy is more than welcome. Cheers, M.

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      Love the concept! A few thoughts-

      I think the copy is pretty solid overall. Your pricing structure is a bit confusing. A non technical customer might have trouble understanding the difference between the packages.

      Also not sure if the 110% guarantee is necessary, it may even come off a bit heavy-handed.

      Have you thought about offering more of a managed service package, where it’s say $25 a month, minimum 12 month contract. Might be a way to lock some folks in.

      Happy to talk in a bit more depth about acquisition channels etc, feel free to email me, address in profile

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        Thanks! I'll reach out to you

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    Hey Nick, I'm completely new to the marketing and sales side of things so I'd appreciate any input you have regarding my side project.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

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      Sounds great Alex, shoot me an email at the address in my profile

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    @NickC Would be interesting to get your opinion on how to boost our marketing and out reach messaging, what would be the best way to discuss this further (Email, Hangouts, Skype, Etc)?

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      Hi Chris, shoot me an email and we can go from there